Workers Welfare Board

Workers Welfare Board was established under Section 11(A) of the Workers Welfare Funds Ordinance, 1971 in order to provide residential and educational facilities as well as other welfare measures including Jehez Fund for the marriage of the daughters of workers, merit scholarships to deserving children of industrial labor, distribution of sewing machines and bicycles. The main functions of the Board are:

Construction of residential colonies/houses/flats for the industrial labor.

Construction of schools for the children of industrial labor.

Construction of dispensaries/poly-clinics and creation of medical wards/centers in big hospitals of the Province like Kidney Center, Burn Trauma/Head Injury Center etc.

Provision of drinking water supply schemes for Mine Workers at Buner, Haripur and Abbottabad.

Education/Scholarship opportunities to workers’ children.

Jehez Fund for the marriage of daughters of workers.

Distribution of sewing machines and bicycles
A Directorate of Education was also established by NWFP Workers Welfare Board in March 2000. A Workers Children Education Board is also providing free educational facilities/scholarships to the children of industrial labor.

According or Workers' Welfare Fund Ordinance, 1971, functions of the NWFP Workers Welfare Board are as under:

(a) as soon as may be after its constitution, make and carry into effect a scheme regulating or providing for the regulation

matters connected with allotment, cancellation of allotment and fixation of rent of the houses financed by the money allocated from the Fund, and their maintenance and repairs;

any other measures for the welfare of workers financed by the money allocated from the Fund

(b) have the power to recover the rent and arrears of rent of such houses in the manner laid down in section 11-D;

(c) have the power to evict any person from such a house in the manner laid down in section 11-E;

(d) have the power to do any other thing necessary for, connected with, or incidental to, the discharge of its functions under this Ordinance or the rules or scheme made thereunder;

(e) get its accounts annually audited in the prescribed manner; and

(f) by notification in the official Gazette make regulations to regulate its procedure.

NWFP Workers Welfare Board is a body corporate created under Section 11-A of the Workers' Welfare Fund Ordinance, 1971 which is central statue and funds are being allocated by the Governing Body of Workers Welfare Fund constituted under Section-7 of the above quoted ordinance. The funds are being drawn by the Governing Body from the Workers Welfare Fund created under Section-3 of the Ordinance stated ibid, which established by the initial contribution of the Federal Government and thereafter being fed by various sources created under the Federal Laws. According to Section 11B(3), The Chairman of the Board shall be its Chief Executive. It has its own Board of Governors consisting of Employers, Employees, Industrialists and Government officials for decision making.

NWFP Workers Welfare Board has two Directorates i.e. Directorate of Education and Directorate of Works. Works Directorate is engaged in construction / execution of various projects and schemes while Education Directorate is engaged in education related facilities, moreover, it has 14-Nos. Working Grammar Schools, 09-Nos. Industrial Homes which are imparting free of cost education to the workers' children (male/female)

NWFP Workers Welfare Board is providing welfare benefits to the industrial / mine workers in the light of provision under the Ordinance in following sectors