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PostHeaderIcon Sindh Labour Dept.

PostHeaderIcon Labour Department Sindh

Labour Department’s Govt of Sindh

Labour Department sindh is responsible to promote industrialization and industrial peace as well as observance of labour laws and rules.It is mandated

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PostHeaderIcon Minister Labour Sindh

Asghar Ali Junejo

Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh for Labour


PostHeaderIcon Secretary Labour Sindh

Noor Mohammad Laghar

Secretary Labour Government of Sindh

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PostHeaderIcon Standing Committee for Labour Sindh

Under Construction


PostHeaderIcon Directorate of Labour

Naveed Awan

Director Labour Government of Sindh

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PostHeaderIcon SMWB

Shahen Nisar Mangi

Secretary Sindh Minimum Wages Board

The Sindh Minimum Wages Board was established in 1974, in terms of Minimum Wages Ordinance, 1961. The Board is an attached office of the Provincial Labour Department and its jurisdiction extends to the entire Province of Sindh. The

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PostHeaderIcon Directorate Manpower

Sayad Nazar Ali

Director of Manpower

Directorate of Manpower and Training

Employment services in British India were introduced in 1945. On dismember of one unit in 1970, the employment exchange were transferred to Sindh Govt and placed under the Directorate of Labor Sindh Manpower and employment wing of the Directorate of Labor

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PostHeaderIcon SESSI

Nazar Muhammad Kalhoro


Sindh Employees' Social Security Institution

Social Security Scheme was launched on1st March, 1967, under West Pakistan Employees' Social Security Ordinance No. X of 1965, with the assistance of the International Labour Organization. The Sindh Employees' Social Security Institution (SESSI), however, came into being on 1st July, 1970 when

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PostHeaderIcon Mines Welfare



Assistant Commissioner

Mines Labour Welfare Sindh


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PostHeaderIcon SWWB

Muzafar Bhutto

Secretary Sindh Worker’s  Welfare  Board

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PostHeaderIcon SDC Karachi

Skill Development Council Karachi

SDC (Skill Development Council), we are committed to helping Men and Women develop the skills and knowlege to pursue many opportunities in fields involving technology. SDC offers skillful training courses that can be used in some

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