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Korangi Association of Trade & Industry


Korangi Association of Trade & Industry is the representative body of more than 2500 industrial, commercial and service units located in Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi - Pakistan.Korangi Industrial Area is one of the largest industrial estate of Pakistan. stablished in mid 60s and made operational in 1970. It is spread over an area of 8500 acres. According to a rough estimate more than 4500 industrial, commercial, and service concerns operate here providing employment to roughly two-three lac workers. Industries of Large, Medium and Small scale contribute revenue of Rs. 270 million on daily basis.

Similarly there are 372 textiles mills operative here contributing in shape of 7% of the total textiles exports from Pakistan. A huge 78% of the crude oil used all over Pakistan is refined in the two refiners of KIA. Similarly, there are 42 fully operational flour mills located in KIA. KIA is also emerging as the new financial hub of Karachi by having 20 fully operational branches of all major and minor Banks including numerous offices of different insurance companies. The pace at which new industries are being set-up in KIA is unmatched by any other industrial estate of Sindh. Through this website a visitor can search for any industrial concern either by company name or industrial sector it belongs to given the company/industrial concern is a member of Korangi Association of Trade & Industry (KATI).



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Fderal B. Area association of Trade & Industry



Federal B.Area Karachi, from its block 1 to 22, is the 5th largest industrial area of sindh where above 2000 industrial units are opening. Ninety per cent of them are fully export oriented, hence they are contributing a big share in national economy by paying duties and taxes a part from earning huge amount of foreign exchange for the country as well as employing a large number of workforce; and nearly 8 lacs of people are benefited from employment opportunities. A large section of the employees constitutes women folk of the area. Majority of the industrial units are of textiles, hosiery, garments and towels.

Federal B. Area association of Trade & Industry came into existence in 1987 with clear objectives to promote industrial activities in the area and to contribute positively to the economic well-being of the country by way of enhancing industrial production The Association is incorporated under the Companies Ordinance 1984 (XLVII of 1984) as a company under section 42 and registered under No. K – 01504 of 1989-90 by the registrar of Companies. It is also licensed under section 3 of the Trade Organizations Ordinance 1961 (Ordinance No. XLV of 1961). It is in fact a town association of trade and industry affiliated to Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry The respected members of the Committee boldly addressed themselves to their challenging tasks and set about to solve the genuine problems relating to the area industries ,in the matter of policies ,levies, ceases, infra structure development, provision of utilities services, etc.


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North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry


NKATI stands for North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry, which is a registered trade body representing the commercial industrial and service units located in North Karachi Industrial Area (NKIA). NKIA is the largest Industrial Area in terms of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It came into existence in 1974. Initially there were plots of poultry farms which were converted into industrial plots that is why the net work of the roads of NKIA basically comprises of small streets as well as connected roads. It is scattered and spread over an area of 725 acres.

All Industrialist Associations including North Karachi Association have specific infrastructural problems in their respective Industrial Zones and have assumed greater importance and significance in view of WTO regime having been effective from 1st January 2005. NKATI has been striving hard since its inception in 1974 to improve the infrastructure of the Area to meet the conditionalities  of WTO on self-help basis. It is now being assisted by the City District Government Karachi (CDGK) under Tameer-e-Karachi Programmed. It is doing commendable work for the development and rehabilitation of infrastructure of NKIA which include revamping of sewerage and water systems and construction of roads etc. Also to facilitate the Industrial sector for the improvement of dilapidated infrastructure through the concept of private public partnership a development management company has come into being with the blessings of President of Pakistan and the Sindh Government which is known as North Karachi Industrial and Development & Management Company (NKI-DMC). It has been assigned the task of rehabilitating and up grading the existing infrastructure and identifying the projects for future needs in the industrial zone.


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Landhi Association of Trade & Industry


Landhi Association of Trade & Industry (LATI) was established in 1967 but became dormant. It was revived in 1987 by Mr. Dawood Usman Jakhura under the guidance of Mr. Bashir Ali Mohammed our Patron in-Chief. Jurisdiction of LATI begins from Muhammad Farooq Textile Mill located at 8000 Road to Port Qasim including Export Processing Zone and all industries located at National Highway to Khagar Phatak andhi Industrial Area is one of the pioneer industrial states in Pakistan and was established in 1949. Jurisdiction of this estate begins from Farooqe Textile Mill located at 8000 road to Port Qasim including Export Processing Zone and all industries located at National Highway to Khagar Phatak Landhi Association of Trade & Industry was formed in 1974. Landhi Industrial Area is consist of MEDIUM and LARGE SIZE industries. Landhi Association of Trade & Industry (LATI) was established in early sixties but become dormant. It was revived in 1987 by Mr. Dawood Usman Jakhura. He was the first Chairman after revival of the association. LITE Development and Management Company (LITE-DMC), a statutory body established under section 42 of the companies ordinance 1984, is a public private partnership concern mandated/responsible for development and rehabilitation of infra structure in Landhi Industrial Area with the help of funds received from the Government


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Site Association of  Industry of Karachi


Site association of Industry of Karachi is a representative body of industries located in Sindh Industrial and Trading Estates in Karachi. The Association was initially established in 1958 but formally registered under companies Act VII of 1913 in May 1963, now superceded by companies ordinance 1984 vide registration no 1441 of 1963-64 on 22nd July 1963. The organization’s policies and programs are determined by the 12 members of Executive Committee, which are elected by the General Body, out of which 1/6th retire every two years and in their place new members are inducted through election. The Executive Committee every year elects Chairman, Senior Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman. Chairman controls the working of office and staff and directs all matters of the Association, with the assistance of Senior Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

SITE Association of Industry is very active in skill development and vocational training. The Government of Sindh has formed the Institute Management Committees of the government-run technical institutes. One of the largest is the Government College of Technology in SITE that is now being managed by representatives of the Association. The Chairman of SITE is the Chairman of the IMC of GCT. IMCs having SITE industrialists as members will also primarily manage eight other Karachi technical institutes viz. Government College of Technology, Karachi, Government Saifee Eide Zahabi Institute of Technology, Karachi, Government Polytechnic Institute for Women, Karachi, Government Polytechnic Institute, Lyari, Karachi, Government Monotechnic Institute, New Karachi, Government Jamia Millia Polytechnic Institute Malir City, Karachi, Government Monotechnic Institute, Orangi Town, Karachi and Pakistan Swedish Institute of Technology, Karachi.


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The Karachi Cotton Association


The Karachi Cotton Association is the premier body of the cotton trade in the country and is officially recognized by the Government of Pakistan. It was setup in 1933 to establish just and equitable principles for the cotton trade, to set standards of cotton and provide all necessary facilities for domestic and export trade in cotton. It has been made obligatory for all members of the Association to deal with each other through licensed cotton brokers Cotton is the most important produce of the country and its contribution in the national economy is outstanding. It is also a major foreign exchange earner for the country. Pakistan cottons are recognized the world over as finest cottons for spinning of coarse and medium count yarns. These have excellent strength, desirable micronaire, good uniformity ratio and compare favorably with cottons in the comparable staple range. Despite the fact that private sector was earlier disallowed export of cotton, it continued to take all possible steps in expanding the markets for Pakistan cotton.


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All Pakistan Textile Mills Association


All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) is the premier national trade association of the textile spinning, weaving, and composite mills representing the organized sector in Pakistan. APTMA emerges as the largest association of the country as it represents 396 textile mills out of which 315 are spinning, 44 weaving and 37 composite units. These spinning mills have production facilities of textured, mercerizing and dyeing of yarns; weaving mills have sizable number of air-jet looms, and the composite mills have manufacturing facilities from spinning to finished textile products under one roof. The total installed capacity of APTMA member mills accounts for 9,661,366 spindles, 61,608 rotors, 10,452 Shuttle less/Air jet Looms and 1897 conventional looms. The Association's members produce spun and open-end yarn, grey, printed dyed fabrics and bed linen. APTMA's activities and specific areas of interest are addressed through its Standing Committees, chaired by an industry executive.



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Towel Manufacturers’ Association of Pakistan


Towel industry in Pakistan was practically non­existent prior to 1965. It started on a very small scale in 1965. After covering some stages, the Towel Manufacturing Group was formed locally at Karachi and got recognized by the Ministry of Commerce in May 1972. Mr. M.Y. Khan, Mr. Abdullah E. Vaid, Mr. Khalid Saeed Sheikh and Mr. S.M.A. Rizvi held the office of chairman in the Group from the date of its recognition. In the year 1976 the group was elevated to the status of an Association on All Pakistan basis and got affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The Towel Manufacturers’ Association of Pakistan was recognized by the Government ofPakistan on 9th August 1976 as “B” class Association with Head office at Karachi and two Circles viz., Northern

(i.e. Punjab & NWFP) and Southern (i.e. Sind & Baluchistan) provinces with their offices at Lahore and Karachi respectively. It got registered with Astt: Registrar, Joint Stock Companies, Sind who issued the Certificate of Incorporation on 1st October 1976. First election of the Association was held in December 1976 and it started functioning properly from 1st January 1977