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Labour leader comes up with demands

Lahore: “Through the national press we invite the attention of the prime minister of Pakistan to his commitment, which he made during his address to the nation that he will take measures for welfare of workers in accordance with the ILO Conventions. However, implementation is this commitment is still far cry,” says labour leader Khurshid Ahmad.

 “We, therefore, strongly urge and demand that the prime minister and the chief minister to take the following measures urgently in accordance with the ILO conventions and fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan,” he said.

He said the prime minister and the chief minister should check price hike of essential items of daily use and raise the minimum wages to Rs25,000 that have not been raised since 2017.

He asked them to create employment opportunities for the young and workers by developing national industries and agriculture and adopting a national policy of economic self-reliance by taxing the feudal lords and monopolistic capitalists and introducing agricultural reforms for the uplift of landless peasants.
He asked them to regularize the services of contract and temporary workers employed by the government, semi-government and autonomies bodies and industries, media, banks and commercial enterprises.

He said that decent work and employment may be provided to the young workforce since 2.6 million young workers were entering the Pakistani labour market every year.

He said that free and equal education should be ensured to each child since more than 25 million children have no access to education due to poverty of their parents.

He said that labour laws should be amended in accordance with ILO conventions and restrictions on the exercise of trade union rights to banks and NDARA to open railway lines and rural workers should be withdrawn.

He called for holding national tripartite labour conference in conformity with ILO convention No. 144 ratified to give voice to the work force in the policy making and introduce laws for home based workers and domestic servant.

He asked the rulers to develop new dams and hydel power resources to meet basic needs of the nation.
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